Condominium Living
On The Edge Of
Old Westmount

Perched next to the Iron Horse Trail, the location of the private residences on Caroline Street is ideal for those who like to run, walk or cycle. This neighbourhood is also next to beautiful Old Westmount, the perfect place for a relaxing stroll. Outdoorsy types will also appreciate that Waterloo Park is just a short walk away.

Iron Horse Trail

Scenic and historic 5.5km trail that connects Downtown Kitchener to Uptown Waterloo.

Grist Mill

A picturesque spot for weddings and quiet moments, located within Waterloo Park. Photo by Jean Lefebvre.

Old Westmount

Picturesque boulevards and century-old homes enhance the charm of Old Westmount.

Waterloo Park

Over 100 acres of parkland – perfect for picnics, brisk walks or leisurely strolls.